Registered Clinical Counsellor
High Conflict and Trauma Specialist
Reconnect Team Leader
Child Specialist
Parenting Coordinator
Co-parenting Coach
Collaborative Divorce Coach

Gerry Bock, MA, CTS, RCC.

Tools, Strategies and Skills
Consider a better way to navigate the course, as amicably as possible, with the least amount of damage to the children, and the best outcomes for the future of your family.

I have over 30 years of experience in counselling and mental health. I provide services in the areas of:
• Counselling for Children and Adults;
• Co-Parent Coaching and Counselling for Families in Conflict;
• Assessment and Treatment for Alienated Families;
• Family Mediation;
• Divorce Coaching;
• Parenting Plan Assessment and Development;
• View of the Child Reports;
• S.211 Assessments and Reports;
• As part of a Collaborative Team with other Professionals.

Typically, my practical approach to any type of issue, concern or dispute, follows a process as follows:
1. Meet with all parties involved (if practical and possible), to understand the roots of the problem(s);
2. Develop a problem-solving plan that is agreeable to all parties, or takes the view of the best interests of the child(ren) involved;
3. Provide resources to facilitate the best and most empowering outcomes possible.

Phone: 604-574-6555