Certified Financial Planner
Divorce Financial Analyst
Collaborative Financial Neutral

Patricia Lalonde

Patricia is a Certified Financial Planner, a Divorce Financial Analyst and a Collaborative Financial Neutral. She has 30 years of experience advising people regarding their money matters. For the past eight years she has focused exclusively in the area of separation and divorce through Collaborative Practice – helping families stay out of court.

With an impressive portfolio of financial skills and wisdom, her expertise is guiding couples or individuals who are unaccustomed to dealing with financial issues through a mediative process.

Patricia untangles the knots of financial decisions made over many years within relationships and prepares a detailed financial document to provide both historic clarity and current economic status. She also creates financial projections to compare various options for moving forward with success.

While people are going through the emotions of divorce, Patricia’s patient help and neutral position enables her clients to feel confident in their decisions.

Away from the office, Patricia loves to go exploring with her spouse Don and spend time with her granddaughters.

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Email: pat@westminlaw.com