Child Support Calculator

Calculator and tables provided by Government of Canada for child support.
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Support Enforcement

BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program details. Information about enrollment, enforcement and collection.
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Games and Guides

Families Change – has fun games, courses and guides for separating families.
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Spousal Support Calculator

Calculator to help estimate spousal support.
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Mental Health and Addictions

Information on mental health and substance issues.
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Learn how Collaborative Law will help you


Obtaining Children’s Views for Litigation and Collaborative Processes

On March 18/13, the Family Law Act replaced the Family Relations Act as the legal framework for all the family matters in BC. One of the most profound changes is that the child’s best interests are the only consideration in settling disputes between parents.

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10 Tips on Alienation


Ten Tips for Legal and Mental Professionals Involved in Alienation, or Alleged Alienation, Cases

By Barbara Jo Fidler, Ph.D., Nicholas Bala, J.D., LL.M. and Michael Saini, Ph.D.

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