Financial Steps

How to safeguard family property and deal with family debt obligations during separation adds another layer of complexity to what is already a stressful situation. Our professionals can assist you through the process of gathering together and reviewing the appropriate financial information, exchanging information with your spouse and putting together workable plans for the financial requirements of your family.

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Safeguarding Assets

What is our family property? Our professionals will assist you to determine what property is divisible upon separation and will help you to make the best decision regarding how to divide property through a negotiated resolution or court process.

Property and Debt Division

How do we manage and pay our debts until the financial settlement is achieved? There are often critical timelines that need to be addressed for families in the midst of separation. Keeping debt payments current is one of the challenges that our professionals will assist your family with.

Financial Advice

How do we file our tax returns now that we are separated? What is the best way to separate our business property? These are questions that can be answered by our financial professional, who can assist with advice and information regarding the most financially sound means of dealing with tax issues and the division of property. For more information about the availability of financial advice, please consult with our financial professional, Patricia Lalonde.