Whether the journey through separation leads your family through a negotiated or litigated approach, we want to ensure that the emotional needs of each member of your family are recognized and met. Our professionals are skilled in assisting families in which relationships have become fractured, to achieve reunified, respectful relationships so that children may be raised in healthy and nurturing environments.

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Counseling and Therapy

Through family and child counselling, our counselling professional can help families achieve a healthy emotional relationship after separation. This may include in-office meetings and sessions as well as referrals to other services available in the community.

Children Reports

Children sometimes need an opportunity to voice their feelings and concerns. Often it is difficult or impossible for them to do that with their parents who are undergoing their own emotional challenges. Our professionals can assist by providing a safe environment in which children can express themselves. “Views of the Child” and “Hear the Child” reports are often provided in both negotiation and litigation processes so that the family can take the children’s views into consideration in developing a parenting plan.

Parenting Reports (Section 211 of the Family Law Act)

These are comprehensive reports that may be ordered in court or arbitrated processes. They are prepared by experienced and qualified counsellors or psychologists who interview all family members and caregivers of children and provide a written report containing recommendations for an appropriate parenting plan. For more information about Section 211 reports, please consult with our counselling professional, Robert B. Finlay.

Divorce Coaching

Our counselling professional can, as a member of the team in a collaborative process, assist spouses to navigate through the difficult emotional issues that are part and parcel of the break-down and separation of their family.

Parenting Coordination

Our parenting coordinators are highly skilled professionals who can assist families through the ongoing matters and occasional disagreements that often arise as the needs of their children and the family change. Resolution is achieved through a combination of solution-focused discussion and the ability of the parenting coordinator to make binding decisions for the family.