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Our professionals are committed to working with you through the processes of mediation, collaborative practice, arbitration and court proceedings to achieve a healthy and lasting outcome for your family.

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Mediation is an excellent means of resolving separation issues for most families. The mediator is a trained professional who, acting in a neutral role, facilitates discussion and assists the parties to an agreed outcome. Mediation can take place at any stage of the separation, even when the parties are involved in litigation. It can also take place after a final resolution, such as a Separation Agreement, to enable the parties to address changes or resolve disagreements that sometimes arise after they have signed their Separation Agreement.

Collaborative Practice

A means of resolving separation issues without court, collaborative practice requires that the parties and their collaborative lawyers sign a Participation Agreement agreeing that they will work towards settlement without court through fair and honest negotiations and that the open disclosure and sharing of information. Other collaborative professionals are involved in the process, as required by the family and the nature of the issues to be resolved. These professionals include divorce coaches, who assist the parties with communication and parenting issues, child specialists, who assist the children through the process, and financial experts who assist with information and advice regarding income determination, division of property and tax planning.


Arbitration is a process that is attractive to families who are looking to resolve the issues arising from their separation in a timely and confidential manner. The arbitrator is able to design and implement a hearing process for the parties that will suit their needs and enable them to obtain a legal and binding decision to resolve their family law issues. The decision of the arbitrator has the same effect as a Court Order.

Custody, Access and Parenting

The challenges of achieving the best outcome for children involved in the process of separation can be complex and emotionally difficult. In 2013, with the coming into force of the Family Law Act, the province of British Columbia has moved away from the terms “custody” and “access” and has adopted the words “parenting schedules”, “parenting plans” and “parenting responsibilities.”

There has been a legislative shift to recognizing that, in most cases, shared parenting is best for children. Our legal professionals will assist you in providing direction and support so that you can create a balanced and healthy environment for your children and yourselves.


Spousal and Child Support

The Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are available to assist with the determination of appropriate financial support for families. The available online tools can assist you with basic calculation of you potential support obligations, but it is recommended that you consult with one of our legal professionals to obtain advice regarding child and spousal support as it applies to the circumstances of your family.
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